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The Heart of the Tri-Ess Mission

There is probably not a crossdresser who, at one time, believed he was “the only one.” Most have lived for years in isolation, mired in undeserved guilt and shame, usually imposed from outside. Finally, after the closet has become unbearable, they emerge—to what? Their fondest dream is to have a place where they can share thoughts and experiences in an accepting, fun atmosphere. Their families have traveled the same odyssey, longing to meet others who, like themselves, have to relate to crossdressing spouses or parents.

The fulfillment of these hopes and dreams lies in Tri-Ess chapters. With their family-friendly atmosphere, educational programs, and social events, they fulfill the heart’s desire of every crossdresser and family member. Chapters can have programs on how-to’s, panels on family issues, presentations by professional therapists, beauticians, hair-care specialists , theme parties, even experts on religious and legal issues. There can be in-home activities, where members can meet as their male selves while enjoying fun activities.

Does all this sound too good to be true? It isn’t! Forming a chapter is easy, fun, and fulfilling. It doesn’t require a lot of money, nor does it entail any risk to privacy or security. The only requirements are a kind, empathic spirit, a desire to help others, and an understanding of the Tri-Ess mission. It does not require a burdensome expenditure of time. The only time you will spend is in talking online and encouraging bonding, and going through the course. This probably entails about five hours per week. You can be comfortable in the knowledge that you will be providing a service not available in any other type of group. It is not possible to form a chapter from Tri-Ess headquarters. Each local area has its own conditions, needs, and resources. It takes local people to explore these and bring a chapter to fruition. A sentence consisting of only two-letter words sums it up nicely: “If it is to be, it is up to me.”

This is not to say that chapter formation is a one-person or one-couple project. It is teamwork all the way. Tri-Ess offers a course covering every aspect of chapter formation. You will have abundant support all the way from your initial commitment through your Charter Celebration Ceremony. We send you the Questions of Commitment to be sure you want specifically to form a Tri-Ess chapter. Then we take you through the course at your own pace. We work with you on your website, doing it for you if necessary. Your website will draw inquiries. You will get to know some lovely people. They will gather online, you will relate to them, and all of you will bond in friendship and sisterhood. As you gather, you will see what resources each sister brings to the group. Maybe one sister can write. Another is just a fun person who can bring people out. One may have a gift for outreach. Every group has its own set of resources.

In chapter formation, there are no deadlines or pressures. For a long time, the group just enjoys being together online. Finally they are ready to meet. At that time the sisters will discuss possible meeting places, and write their bylaws. This is an easy process, as Tri-Ess provides the template, which you can modify to fit your particular group. Finally, a Tri-Ess leader will visit the group for your Charter Celebration Ceremony. She will present your charter, along with funds to start your treasury. And you have found your dream!

Establishing a new chapter is one of the most fulfilling works you can undertake to help sisters make contact with others like themselves.

It is a work you can do at little cost, and without compromising your security. In forming a chapter, we will be working together so that your goal of a chapter in your area will become a reality. Chapters cannot be formed from a distant location; local people must initiate the work and carry it through to completion.

To this end we need to be sure that we are on the same page. Please answer these Questions of Commitment (below) and e-mail them to me at

Thank you. I look forward to partnering with you in this noble work of chapter formation.


Tri-Ess President


FIBER, the Tri-Ess vision statement, stands for:

F - Full personality expression, in a blending of both our masculine and feminine characteristics. We do not wish to destroy our masculinity, but to soften its harsher aspects and be all we can be.

I - Integration of our masculinity and femininity to create a happier, more complete person as we use our enhanced understanding of ourselves in our daily lives.

B - Balance between masculinity and femininity in our personalities.

E - Education of crossdressers to foster self-acceptance, education of our families to develop understanding, education of society to promote the acceptance of crossdressers as ordinary people with a special gender dimension.

R - Relationship-building in the context of crossdressing.


1) Are you willing to build your chapter in accordance with our vision?

2) Are you committed to forming specifically a Tri-Ess chapter in your area? A Tri-Ess chapter is defined as a local gathering of Tri-Ess members.

3) Are you willing to follow Tri-Ess bylaws and policies, including but not limited to membership guidelines and focus, and maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere where crossdressing is treated with dignity?

4) Will your chapter work in partnership with Tri-Ess to make the world a happier place for crossdressers and their families?

5) Establishing a chapter in your area will require much patience, nurturing, and a willingness to work one-on-one with some very timid people. Do you believe you have these gifts?

6) Will you answer inquiries promptly, leaving a back-up, when one becomes available, if you are going to be away?

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